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There's Evidence that Mars is Still Volcanically Active

February 15, 2019 9:49 AM | Anonymous

By: Evan Gough

Source: universetoday.com

A new study shows that Mars may very well be volcanically active. Nobody’s seen direct evidence of volcanism; no eruptions or magma or anything like that. Rather, the proof is in the water.

In the past, Mars was a much warmer and wetter place. Now, Mars is still home to lots of water, mostly as vapor and ice. But in August 2018, a study published in Science showed a 20-km-wide lake of liquid water underneath solid ice at the Martian South Pole. The authors of that study suggested that the water was probably kept in liquid state by the pressure from above, and by dissolved salt content.

But this new research shows that pressure and salt couldn’t have prevented that water from freezing. Only volcanic activity could have kept it warm enough. Specifically, a magma chamber formed in the last few hundred years is the only way that that water could’ve been prevented from freezing.

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