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What is BAPG all about?!

  • Organization all about fostering geologic knowledge within the western New York region and beyond
  • Meet and interact with professional geologists and related scientists
  • Take part in educational monthly meetings discussing pertinent topics locally and worldwide
  • Have fun at local and regional field trips and planned events


 EnviroWorkshop coming September 28, 2022

This year, the Buffalo workshop is free and we are expecting to offer PDH credits for our licensed PGs.  The workshop will present information on newer environmental investigation and remediation technologies and techniques, so check back for more details. 

Geology Days October 17 - 19, 2022 

NYSCPG is sponsoring Geology Days with many presentations that will allow licensed PGs to obtain many of the Continuing Education Credits required by the state. For more information, visit the Geology Days Page on the NYSCPG website.  

BAPG Zoar Valley Hike Recap and Thank You!

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, in glorious weather, BAPG members and guests were treated to a guided hike into a spectacularly scenic protected area in Zoar Valley south of Buffalo, NY. Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago, Zoar Valley was located just south of the equator, the first mountains of the Appalachian (a.k.a. Alleghenian) Orogeny (a.k.a. orogeny = mountain building event) had already formed, and next Appalachian mountain building phase, the Acadian Orogeny, had just formed mountains east of the Hudson River. Sands, gravels and fine materials that eroded from these mountains formed beds in a sea, and would later be thrust upward and eroded to form the Catskill mountains in southeastern upstate New York. The finest materials eroded from those mountains formed the sedimentary rocks responsible for the floor and walls of the canyon we hiked through. For a short geological time following the deposition and uplift, we would have been standing on the Supercontinent of Pangea, the last time in history that only one single landmass existed on earth. These local rocks were eventually thrust to the north to their current position, and then, eventually eroded, likely by glaciers during the ice ages, into the valley we see now. In addition to the stunning scenery, we were able to see beds with many concretions, massive joints and cliffs, and a fault or two, as well as some great examples of current erosion. A big thank you from BAPG to Dr. Ray Vaughan, P.G. for leading us through this geological wonder, and to the Nature Sanctuary Society, the NYSDEC and the local property owners for allowing us to access the land.  And Thank You to all the hikers who attended and helped to make this year's fall hike successful. 

Tom Morahan, P.G.

President, BAPG

BAPG would like to thank our 2021 Sustaining Members for their generous support.  Please visit their websites as their support is so very important to the sustainability of BAPG

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