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Mission Statement

The Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists (BAPG) was founded in 1985 to strengthen and advance the geological sciences; provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas; foster the spirit of scientific research; disseminate information related to the geological sciences; and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics of geoscience professionals.

The BAPG conducts regular membership meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, January through June and September through November, featuring distinguished speakers whose presentations invite comment and discussion.  Field trips and technical seminars sponsored by the BAPG encourage the exchange of scholarship and expertise. Inquiries regarding membership, publications or activities may be directed to:

Mailing address:

Buffalo Association of Professional Geologist

c/o Buffalo Museum of Science

1020 Humboldt Pkwy

Buffalo, NY 14211

For a list of current officers and board members please click here

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