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  • April Student Poster Session Meeting

April Student Poster Session Meeting

  • April 19, 2017
  • 5:30 PM
  • Ripa’s Restaurant 4218 Walden Ave, Lancaster, NY 14086 • http://www.ripas.com


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For the April 2017 BAPG meeting we are holding a student poster session.  Fifteen posters were accepted from area colleges, with a wide variety of topics ranging from lava flow to snail biofilm.   We are very excited about this special event and look forward to the posters and our members’ attendance.  The students will be presenting their posters for 90 minutes before dinner and cash prize awards will be announced after dinner.  As usual, a sit-down, buffet-style dinner is part of the evening.
The posters will be judged for multiple criteria by a board committee and three cash prizes will be awarded.  One of the prizes will be a "members-favorite", so please be ready to review the posters and make sure you select your favorite!

Update - the following posters will be presented at the meeting:

Mineralogical and Petrological Comparison of Volcanic Rocks from Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

Observed seasonal trends of hydrogen isotopes in sedimentary leaf waxes and environmental water in temperate ecosystems with strong seasonal cycles: implications for interpreting leaf wax paleoclimate records

Degree of Pyritization of Various Tissue Type: a Taphonomy Experiment

Comparing the Records of Calving Front Position, Elevation, and Velocity for Neighboring Glaciers in Sermilik Fjord

Characterization of Greenland outlet glacier elevation behaviors from Digital Elevation Models

Using remote sensing to map hydrothermal alteration of geothermal sites on the North Island of New Zealand

39,000-Year Record of Extreme Climate Change in the Genesee Valley, NY:  the Last Ice Advance in Western NY Now Shown to Coincide with the Younger Dryas Event at 13,000 YBP

Fault-Associated Dolomitization in the Onondaga Limestone in Central and Western New York

Uranium Concentration Flux Underneath Guterl Specialty Steel

Drainage development and evolution in response to a valley filling lava flow, Laki Iceland

Using Crater Ejecta Thickness to Improve Crater Counting Methodology

Microplastic Contamination Analysis in Great Lake Sediments

Experimental taphonomy: The effects of sediment grain size on microbial and mineral film growth on tissues

Magnetic susceptibility of samples deformed in the Variscan foreland fold-thrust belt in the Western Irish Namurian Basin (WINB)

Implications of Structures in Un-oriented Cores of Utica Black Shale

This event is kindly being sponsored by Terracon Consultants

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